Film and video is an incredibly powerful medium for promotional purposes, advertising and the relaying of information. In the age of the internet, video is already established as an primary marketing tool whether you are a small or large company, an event, an artist or a website owner. Kairos Film & Media works to bring the benefits of video to a whole range of clients to help maximise your impact both on and off the internet.

Video Production

Kairos Film & Media offer full production services - from pre-production planning and storyboarding, through to on location filming. We have extensive experience covering events and conferences, shooting music videos or producing corporate and promotional films.


Editing is a key phase in video production. We are able to complete full post production in-house. This means we can oversee the creative vision through every step of the process to ensure we meet client briefs and aims. We can also work with already shot footage.


2D animation and motion graphics can be completed in-house. This includes kinetic typography, lower thirds, branding slides and 2D narrative animation. These can be integrated into video or provided seperately and are designed to your brand guidelines.


Music plays an incredibly powerful subliminal role in video. Our award winning composer writes bespoke music to underscore your film. The perfect track sets your video above the competition and is far superior to stock royalty-free music commonly used.

Kairos Films offers corporate videography, event videography and promotional videography as well as freelance Director of Photography, cameraman and composing services. Our team have experience making showcase and music videos, time-lapse films, animation and kinetic typography. We are based in East Sussex but able to travel within the UK and abroad.

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